60+ Happy Birthday Wishes for My Son

In this article I will provide the best Happy Birthday Wishes for My Son if you are download the HD high quality images click the download button, Happy birthday is the most important and beautiful day in everyone’s life.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Son

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Son

You will always be my biggest happiness, my son. I love you so much. Happy Birthday! Many happy returns of the day!

Happy Birthday son. I forgive you for stealing my heart, I’m glad you did. I can’t imagine life any other way.

Wishing my amazing, talented son a birthday as happy as you are remarkable.

Happy Birthday to the boy of my life. Have a long happy, healthy, and wealthy life.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart. I’m grateful for the honor of calling you my son and nothing will ever change that.

Take your time to enjoy today because you only got twenty-four hours before it is all over. Have a nice day.

Happy Birthday! My son. No matter how old you get, we will always celebrate your birthday! Go have some fun. This day is for you.

The memories that I have shared with you so far are forever engraved in my mind. I hope to make more. You are a son any parent would be proud of. Enjoy this birthday.

To my sweet son…hoping your birthday is everything you hoped it would be and more!

I will do everything in my power to make you happy today and forever. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Son

Happy Birthday, son. You give me strength and courage to face the world. I love you a lot.

To my dearest son; wishing you a birthday beyond happy.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SON! Son, you might be a year older, but you are also a year wiser.

You are the one I vowed to always protect, love and care for. Happy Birthday my prince!

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my good friend and daily inspiration. Happy birthday, son.

Son, you are the joy of my life. I would like nothing more than to see you happy, successful and doing what you love. So enjoy this day.

I know you don’t like hugs, but words just aren’t enough to express how happy I am to celebrate another year with you. Happy Birthday.

This day reminds me that I gave birth to the love of my life. I hope you have a nice day son.

Close your eyes and blow out those candles on your cake, every wish you have will come true my son. I love you always and forever.

No one’s perfect, but as for a son you’re as good as it gets.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Son

Dear Son, I hope your birthday is as incredible as you!

Happy Birthday, son. You are my own flesh and blood and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.

Happy Birthday son. My wish list for you so long, it can never be short. I want you to be happy and have the best of everything.

Dearest son, no one can say their son compares to ours, to you! Happy Birthday.

Having a son is good but having a son like you is the best. You’re not just the best, you’re better than the best. You’re one in a kind. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday, son. My love for you grows stronger than your gym socks.

To my greatest accomplishment, here’s to another year. Happy Birthday.

You know excited people are about investing in bitcoin? I’m even more excited than that about you. Happy Birthday.

You’re getting old but telling you Happy Birthday never does.

You remind me so much of me minus a few Birthday candles.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Son

You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. Happy birthday!

Money is nice to have, but having a son like you is what it really means to be rich. Happy Birthday my wealth.

Happy Birthday my wonderful son, you are a young man but you will always be my baby.

Happy Birthday, son! I want you to have fun.

To my best gift ever, my son. Happy Birthday.

A good son is better than gold, silver, diamond or even money. Happy Birthday my world.

As you grow older, may you grow wiser stronger and more handsome. Happy Birthday to you son.

And the award for the most amazing son goes to…YOU! Happy Birthday, young man!

When I think of what truly makes me happy in life, I think of you, son. Happy Birthday.

So glad you’re aging today and not me. Happy Birthday son.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Son

May you have another glorious year of sound health, prosperity, and happiness! Happy birthday Son.

Happy Birthday to one of the greatest sons alive, you’ve made us proud parents.

We’re proud to be your parent; you’re so perfect for a son. Your birthday delights us.

The sun will always shine bright for you dear one. May this birthday be brighter than the others.

I may not have much, but rest assured whatever I have, I will give to you. Hearty birthday!

Sending my love and best wishes to a son I never cease to be grateful for. Have a Happy Birthday.

Never forget that I will always be here for you. Have a radiant birthday my boy.

I brag about you with my friends; there is no man that won’t be happy to be your dad.

Happy Birthday my wonderful son. Hope today starts and ends with joy .

I always dreamed of having a baby boy, but I never imagined I could have a special son like you!

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Son

With love and best wishes to the best son in the world! Have a wonderful birthday!

Happy Birthday dear Son. Stay happy, healthy, and blessed on your special day, and every day of the year. We love you!

May your future shine bright and be full of many good times. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Son. May you always know joy. May you always choose hope. May you always feel loved no matter where in this great, big, beautiful world you roam.

Happy Birthday. You are still so handsome, I promise not to squeeze your cheeks.

May you always feel as youthful, bright-eyed and as adventuresome as you feel today! Happy birthday!

Every single day since you were born, you’ve added something amazing to my life. I can’t imagine my life without you in it. Happy birthday, son!

I celebrate your birthday like it’s my own. Let’s party!

I’m so glad I get to call you son. Especially today.

You always make my days so much fun, I’m here to return the favor. Happy Birthday.

So grateful for you, you are the one thing I got right. Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Son

Happy Birthday, Son! I hope all of your wishes come true.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest little boy with angelic eyes and gumdrop laughter.

Happy birthday son. May you live a joyous and happy life. Many happy returns of the day!

I admire the strong, young man you’ve become. Happy birthday, son!

You proved me right again; you’re the best son ever. Happy Birthday.

Today reminds me of the best day of my life, your first birthday.

Your mom wanted a girl, Glad you turned out OK son. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday my only son. You’re always in my heart.

“I may have taught you to become a good student, good citizen, good sports person and a good mate. But you, my son, have taught me the most important thing of all – how to become an amazing father. Happy birthday.”

Not every parent is blessed with a son like you. We were blessed to be one of the select few. Happy birthday our dearest, and we thank you for being the best son in the world.

Happy Birthday, my eldest son, my strength and the one who’s been my backbone and support. I love you with all my heart.

You are my first son, the one who welcomed me into parenthood. I love the fact that I get to see you grow older. Have an unforgettable birthday.

You’re a wonderful blessing to us. Thank you for always being a reliable pillar we can stand upon. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Son

May all your wishes come true today and every day. Happy birthday!

“On your birthday I wish that I could stop time. Not only to keep you with me forever but so that I can stop feeling so old! Happy birthday to my son who at least makes me feel young at heart.”

My precious son, you have been a blessing to me and all of us. I wish for you to develop into a strong, gorgeous, and bright young man. Greetings on your special day!

My wonderful son, you’re the most handsome boy I’ve ever seen. In the future, I wish for you to mature into a gentleman with excellent morals and values! Happy birthday, dear.

“You are my pride and joy, a man after my own heart. Happy birthday, son!”

“It is great to have a son who you can love. But it is the best feeling in the world when your son loves you back endlessly. Happy birthday to one such son.”

“You’ve been a blessing from the start, and I love you son with all my heart. Happy birthday”

I consider myself blessed to have a son like you as a son. I wish for you to be the most prosperous and contented person you’ve ever met! Have a fantastic birthday, my son.

“You have grown in the blink of an eye, my son. Not only in height but in maturity as well. Happy birthday to my taller, wiser, infinitely more lovable son!”

Birthday Wishes for Son from Mom

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Son

Happy Birthday To My Wonderful Son. No matter how big you get or how far you go, I’ll always be here, right beside you.

I will always do everything in my power to give you the best. Have a beautiful birthday my son, mama loves you.

Happy Birthday to the one I gave horse-back rides, lifted on my shoulders and threw into the air to fly who can now lift me with just a hand! You’re still my cute baby though.

Once upon a time, there was a cute boy who came in my life and the happiness spread all over my world and this boy used to call me, mom.

My amazing son is a year older today! Wishing the greatest birthday to the greatest son ever!

Happy Birthday to a good man, a better offspring and the best son to a mother like me. I love you with all my heart.

Near or far, wherever you are, you are the best son any mother could ask for. Hope all your wishes come true.

Without me, there can never be you. Also, without you, there can never be me. Happy Birthday son, you are my source of joy and happiness.

Thanks for not just being my son but also an amazing bud. You’re indeed special. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Son

Dear son, today is your big day! I feel so blessed and lucky to have you as my child. Happy birthday!

Dearest son, no mother could be prouder and more pleased with her son as I am with you. I hope your birthday is simply wonderful.

Happy birthday! May this birthday be the best yet!

Happy Birthday, Son! We’ve watched you grow into an amazing man. May the year ahead continue to exceed your expectations!

Happy Birthday son! I hope that you will always be happy, healthy, and a blessing to everyone around you. Lots of hugs, mummy.

Happy Birthday son. Your still momma’s boy despite the mustache.

When I need someone for heavy liftings, you’re there. When I’m tired and need a shoulder to lean on, you’re there. I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday to you my precious son!

Happy Birthday to our darling boy. May you have a wonderful and fun-filled birthday.

You will always and forever be the only man I will give my heart to. You are mama’s boy and nothing will ever change that. Happy Birthday son.

Dear son, today is your big day! I feel so blessed and lucky to have you as my child. Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Younger Son

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Son

Son Happy Birthday. The road ahead of you holds endless possibilities!

The sparkle in your eyes each time I see you have always melted my heart right from first year’s. Welcome to this New Year my baby boy. Enjoy!

I celebrate this day with you because you are a blessing to me and I love you so much. Have an ecstatic birthday baby.

Being our younger son qualifies you for all the love and affection you can get from us. We love you so much, and we’re happy for your new age.

You have been a blessing to me and to us all my dear son. I hope you grow to be a strong, handsome and brilliant fellow. Happy Birthday little son.

You are the reason that I became a mom for the second time; you are my pride, my joy and my handsome little boy. Joyous birthday!

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who was the apple of his parents eyes, he added another year today. Happy Birthday.

Your little fingers have grown into hands that now cover mine. No matter how old you get, my love for you stretches with time. Happy Birthday.

Thank you for being who you are, you are the reason I smile all the time. Happy Birthday to you!

I wish you a long and healthy life my baby, may you always have and may you never lack. Thank you for making me a father again.

Long Distance Birthday Wishes for Son

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Son

Happy birthday to the best son in the world!

Happy Birthday Son, please come visiting soon, I have a lot of gifts for you.

Another year has passed for you my son. I know that life seems long right now but I promise you the years will move faster than you can imagine.

It doesn’t matter your age; you’ll always be our child. It doesn’t matter where you are but you mustn’t forget where you’re coming from. Have a beautiful birthday son.

How I have anticipated this day, and now it’s here! I can’t wait to hug you just like the good old days. Happy Birthday young man. Enjoy your special day!

Happy Birthday my cute son. I wish I was there with you to celebrate this great day.

Despite the fact that we’re apart, I hope you remember that I love and miss you.

Today I celebrate your birthday from afar. Happy Birthday handsome son, I am with you in spirit.

I am proud of the man you have become, and I’m always with you in my prayers.

Although distance and busy schedules keeps us at length, I wish you a happy birthday.

It’s hard to believe that you’re grown and no longer need me, but I can’t wait to have you back home. Happy Birthday amazing man.


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