101+ Long Birthday Wishes For Sister

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Long Birthday Wishes For Sister

 Long Birthday Wishes For Sister

Happiest of birthdays to my wise, loving older sister.

We are sisters by chance but friends by choice. Happy birthday, love!

Maybe you are growing up older every year, but to me you’ll always remain as my little loving sister. Have a Happy Birthday.

We used to fight like cats and dogs, but now I think you’re a doggone purr-fect sister. Happy Birthday to my lovely sister!

There is no comfort anywhere in the world except for the arms of my lovely sister. Happy Birthday my lovely sister!

We are sisters by chance, but we became best friends by choice. Here’s to your birthday, sis! May you have an incredible day.

Happy Birthday to the most special person in our family! We love you so much!

I know that no matter what, you will always be a part of my life, and I’m so thankful that I have such a genuine sister.

How can I forget to wish the human who has always been the second mother to me. Happy Birthday!

Through the shifting sands of time, we have loved each other with our different personalities, views, and perception. I hope your birthday deepens our bond. I love you, sister.

You are such an adorable bundle of energy. I vaguely remember being that energetic, but it’s such a distant memory! Happy birthday from your older and more sluggish sibling.

A sister is someone who always understands you, cares for you, and loves you. You are an exceptional sister, and I hope you have an outstanding birthday!

The sisters don’t have to be around for all the time, but it really becomes a great thing when they are around you. Have a Happy Birthday

I know that you are angry with me for not being there on your birthday. But to make you happy, I am sending across a lovely present and good wishes. Happy birthday sister.

Even though we didn’t grow up with much, I always remember my childhood as being bountiful. That’s because it was full of priceless moments spent with you.

Our Family made us sisters, life made us friends. Here’s a great big birthday hug full of love and happy wishes as you celebrate your special day!

You are the princess of our family. Dad never says no to you. You are mom’s favorite. You are my Santa Claus. Happy birthday dear sister!

 Long Birthday Wishes For Sister

Sister, I hope your birthday brings you as much joy as you give. Happy birthday.

You are the sister who is hard to find, and with your love you make our relationship truly divine!

Every moment that I spend with you is of utmost joy and happiness. Happy birthday, dear sister!

Happy birthday to a person who never stops trying and trust me this quality brings the best in you. Be unstoppable sister, happy birthday! I love you.

When we were growing up, you were the best type of example for me. You were honest, kind, and true to yourself. I couldn’t have asked for a better role model in my life, and I hope your birthday is as phenomenal as you are.

It feels good to see you getting more mature and beautiful every year. You are growing up like a princess. Happy birthday dear!

 I remember when mom walked in with you as a baby and told me how much I would love having a small sister. Well, they were right because I adore you, more than you could ever imagine. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday big sister. You are older than me on this special day and you always will be! I hope you have a wonderful year to come.

Who is a sister? A true sister is the very embodiment of love and care. As your brother, I know this is true. Happy birthday, sis!

Happy birthday, sister. You are so lucky to have an outgoing, caring and responsible brother like me. Today is your day though, so you get to take all the glory. Have the best day ever.

Dear sister, on your special day I would like to wish you a fabulous life full of exciting discoveries and joyful surprises! Happy birthday.

To my little sister, you are the rainbow of my life and I wish you a happy birthday. Enjoy yourself.

 Long Birthday Wishes For Sister

To my brilliant sister, I hope your birthday brings you as much joy as you do to my life. Happy Birthday.

The whole world can be a better place if everyone has a beautiful, amazing sister like you. Let me remind you on this birthday of yours that you are always the best person in my life and happy birthday sister.

You’re my sister by chance, but we became best friends by choice. Happy birthday to my best sister and my best friend for life. May the spark never leave your smile and your days be as bright as this wonderful day.

My childhood favorite friend is always you. I know our days had become youth, but you’re always the best person in my life. Happy birthday to my sweet sister who showed that friendship can be built between family members too.

Wishing my sister a very happy birthday, who never knew that she was the reason for a stretch in my lips and joy in my heart. Let’s be together like this forever for a lifetime. Love you a lot, sister. Long Birthday Message for Sister

So many dreams are waiting ahead to become true. This day is a new beginning of a new year in your life. With the best wishes from your brother, start the year with joy and happiness and be with you forever then. Long Birthday Message for Sister

Remembering all the silly moments that we had during our childhood. Today, on your birthday take my special wish that you always stay cheering and happy with all the blessings that shower on you. Many more happy returns of joy.

My dearest sister, I wish you a very warm and happy birthday. It’s really sad that you are not home today for celebrating your birthday with us. I miss you a lot, my sweet angel.

16. Happy Birthday to my sister cum best friend. I wish you a great day today. May your birthday be full of happiness and unforgettable. I love you.

17. To a brother, a sister is all that a friend or a lover can never be. Thanks for filling the gaps in my life. Happy birthday sis.

18. The only person in this entire world who can turn my tears into a big smile. All I want to say is – I love you sister. Wishing you a Happy Birthday.

19. I wish you a memorable and amazing birthday like you, my dear sister. I love you a lot. Thanks for being my friend with whom i can share my secrets. Many – many happy returns of the day once again. Long Birthday Message for Sister.

 Long Birthday Wishes For Sister

Happy Birthday to my incredible sister. I love you more than you know.

May you get success in whatever you do in life. Happy birthday, dear sister!

I am lucky to have a sister like U, warm birthday wishes for a perfect sister.

Happy birthday to the most gorgeous woman in the world and that is you, dear sis!

Dear sis, you have taught me so much. There is no better teacher than you. Happy Birthday!

Today is the best day of my life, finally I got the partner to celebrate my sorrow and joy. Happy birthday sister, love you!

Okay sis, here’s the plan: presents, cake, and an epic party! You might not remember your birthday when we are done, but I guarantee you will enjoy it while it’s happening. Tomorrow, maybe not so much!

Happy birthday to the charming and most adorable sister in the world!

Thanks for understanding me so much, I cannot imagine my life without your magical touch. Happy birthday.

On your special day, I want you to know that we love you and you are the sweetest daughter of the house. Happy birthday beautiful sister!

You’re there to make me laugh, You’re there to make me smile, You’re there to make my life simpler, You’re there to understand, Happy Birthday, sister!

I hope your birthday contains only warm, fuzzy, and pleasant memories. May it signal the beginning of a year filled only with hope and promise. Happy birthday sister!

From the depth of my heart, I wish you all luck and love. Happy Birthday, dear sister!

 Long Birthday Wishes For Sister

To my dearest sister, I wish you a happy and warm birthday. You are more than just a great sister; you’re a true friend. May all of your birthday wishes come true.

Sister, you mean everything to me and even more. I feel like one of the luckiest people in the world for being part of your life! Happy Birthday.

Seeing you turn one year older takes me back to all the sweet memories we have shared over the years and how we have stood by each other amidst the greatest storms. Thank you for being the best sister ever. Happy birthday.

Sisters are bound to quarrel and fight but, let there be a truce for this special day as it is your birthday. Love you sis and happy birthday.

I can’t comprehend how my life would have been without you in it. Through you, I have experienced some of the best moments in life and I know there will be more to come. Happy birthday.

You can always pick your friends but not your family. I feel so lucky and blessed to have a wonderful friend for a sister. Happy birthday.

Here’s the most heartfelt wish for the most incredible sister who never fails to annoy and yet surprise me every time. Happy Birthday!

Today is your birthday, sister but I feel it is I who is getting a special gift, and that is your love and affection. Happy birthday, dear sister.

Happy Birthday to my big sister. You are older than me today, and you always will be! I hope you have a wonderful year to come.

To the person I have played with and fought with, who has been my chief rival and my best friend; I wish you happiness now and forevermore.

To my little sister, I am so proud of the woman you have become. May all the desires of your heart be fulfilled. Happy birthday and have a wonderful year ahead

 Long Birthday Wishes For Sister

Happy birthday to an awesome sister who always has my back. I hope your day is as awesome as you are.

We may be far apart, but I am always thinking of you; you may be far away, but I’ve still got your back. You are the best sister in the entire world. Happy birthday my sister.

Sister, remember those pillow fights we used to have every Saturday night? Why don’t you say we do it again! You’re only as old as you let yourself get. Happy birthday!

I know that you are sad because I am not thereby by your side on your special day. But all my thoughts and wishes are with you. I wish you joy and happiness.

I am so lucky to have a sister like you. You are always there to support me every step of the way. Thank you for always having my back. Happy birthday, sister.

Rain or shine through good times and bad, I can always count on you. You’re my best friend, my sister, and my sidekick. Happy birthday and I love you.

To my little sister, you keep getting older and taking me with you. I can’t believe that you are already ___. Oh well. Happy Birthday! I love you.

Dear sister, I saw the birthday fairy heading your way, and I knocked her out! Enjoy your day, knowing that I will always have your back.

An extraordinary birthday greeting to my best friend, my sister. Thank you for being the coolest sister. May you have many more birthdays to come.

Happy birthday to my beautiful sister: Remember that your most exceptional qualities are the ones that show the real character of your heart.

 Long Birthday Wishes For Sister

Today is a special day for me. It’s my sister’s birthday. To my best friend – happy birthday!

You are the best sister in the world. Other sisters should take classes on how to be awesome from you because you are that good! Happy birthday to my perfect sister.

Sisters are precious than any other valuable things. I know you are my best friend and guide forever. Happy Birthday.

You are a blessing in my life. Happy birthday, little sister!

Just for today, you can borrow any of the clothes that you want. Happy birthday, sister!

May hope and optimism be your strongest allies in the journey of life. Happy Birthday, Sister!

On your special day, sending you warm hugs and tons of good wishes. A very happy birthday, sis.

Without you my sister my childhood would have been imperfect and incomplete. So here sending you a great birthday wishes!

My dear sister, always remember one thing in life; challenges are there to make you rock solid not wimpy. Happy birthday to my super strong sister!

You are the nicest, sweetest person in my life, birthday girl. Thank U for always being there for me and watching over me! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, sister. On this special day, I hope you receive all that you have given to this world: love and happiness.

 Long Birthday Wishes For Sister

Happy birthday, sister. May today be the start of a wonderful, glorious and joyful year.

Sis, you mean so very much to me. There is no end to the love that I have for you, and no mountain I wouldn’t climb for you. If ever you need me know that I am always going to assist you in life.

Today is the best day of my life, finally I got the partner to celebrate my sorrow and joy. Happy birthday sister, love you!

Sis, you always know just the right buttons to push to annoy the mess out of me, but you also always know how to calm me down when others annoy me even more than you do. I hope that you have an annoyance-free birthday, sister!

I cannot compare you to anyone, my Sister you are very special to me. To my guide, my best friend, my partner in crime wishing you a very happy birthday!

Just be yourself always, don’t think about others and what you should always know is I am there for you. Happy birthday!

Even though we weren’t great buddies in childhood, still our brother-sister relationship turned out to be fine. I wish you a sparkling future and a happy birthday sister!

All the wealth of the world isn’t enough to compensate for the love of a sister. I do not want to miss the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday.

Sisters always help you in understanding the world better and also appreciate it more than anyone else. Happy Birthday.

I’m so thankful because I was blessed with a sister like you. Celebrate your birthday with maximum happiness! You always deserve the best, sister.

 Long Birthday Wishes For Sister

To my awesome little sister, I love you SO MUCH! Happy Birthday!!

You have pushed me so hard to become who I am today. Thank you for being such a great inspiration and the most caring sister. Happy birthday

Words alone, are not enough to describe the sense of excitement I have when seeing you celebrate another birthday. I am proud to be called your sister. I love you and happy birthday.

Happy, Happy Birthday sister. I believe this new year of your life will bring forth wonderful things because you are the nicest friend anyone could ask for. I pride in being your brother and will always love you. Happy birthday.

This is to wish a happy birthday to someone who has not only brought joy and happiness into my life but also a lot of insight and knowledge. Thank you, sister. May this special day bring you all your heart’s desires. Happy birthday.

Friends may come and go throughout life, but I know you will always be there for me. I am so grateful to have a sister as wonderful as you are in my life. There is no one I would rather have as a sister than you. Happy birthday, dear one.

Dear sis: Growing up, I always looked up to you and adored you. As we grow older, I love you even more. Thanks for always showing me how to live life in style. Happy birthday to you, my cool role model!

I am so grateful to have a person like you for a sister. It is indeed, the best gift in my life. Celebrate your birthday in a big way and have fun for you deserve it. You have always deserved the best.

You touch my heart and my life like no one else and you have always been my support system. I’m so proud to be able to celebrate your birthday with you. May you have the best one yet.


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