Magnificent Architecture: The new Parliament building boasts an awe-inspiring blend of traditional and modern architecture, symbolizing India's rich heritage and progress.

Green Oasis: With over 1,000 plants and trees, this eco-friendly marvel is a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts in the heart of Delhi.

Historical Connection: The building's design draws inspiration from the Ashoka Chakra, reflecting India's historical roots.

Sustainable Marvel: It's equipped with cutting-edge sustainable technology to reduce energy consumption and promote a greener future.

Iconic Bell: The Parliament's central hall features an iconic bell that resonates with India's journey towards independence.

Sculpture Garden: Explore the sculpture garden that narrates India's remarkable history through art.

Pillar of Strength: The 20.8-meter-high bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi outside the building symbolizes India's unwavering commitment to peace.

Digital Transformation: The new Parliament is a hub of digital innovation, making proceedings more accessible to the public.